Course Description

This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification course is designed to help you master the combined concepts of Lean and Six Sigma. This course will help you develop an in-depth understanding of the Six Sigma phases Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) and how to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. This course enrollment comes with an exam voucher. 

This course is taught through a sequence of scheduled, live online sessions totaling 24 hours which may be supplemented with self-paced lessons that are available on-demand.

All 6 live classes must be taken within 90 days of the student’s enrollment date.  Recordings of those classes will then be available for 1 year from the enrollment date for review and reference.  Self-paced materials are available immediately following enrollment and remain accessible for 1 year from the enrollment date.

Live online classes are currently* scheduled for:

  • Saturdays & Sundays from 9:00am – 1:00pm EST
    • Dates: 2/20, 2/21, 2/27, 2/28, 3/6, 3/7
  • Saturdays & Sundays from 10:00am - 2:00pm EDT
    • Dates: 3/20, 3/21, 3/27, 3/28, 4/3, 4/4

*new classes may be added monthly

Course Outline

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Define Phase
    • Lesson 01: The Basics of Six Sigma
    • Lesson 02: The Fundamentals of Six Sigma
    • Lesson 03: Lean Six Sigma Projects
    • Lesson 04: The Lean Enterprise
  • Section 3: Measure Phase
    • Lesson 01: Process Definition
    • Lesson 02: Six Sigma Statistics
    • Lesson 03: Measurement System Analysis
    • Lesson 04: Process Capability
  • Section 4: Analyze Phase
    • Lesson 01: Classes of Distribution
    • Lesson 02: Inferential Statistics
    • Lesson 03: Hypothesis Testing
    • Lesson 04: Hypothesis Testing with Normal Data
    • Lesson 05: Hypothesis Testing with Non Normal Data
  • Section 5: Improve Phase
    • Lesson 01: Simple Linear Regression
    • Lesson 02: Multiple Regression Analysis
    • Lesson 03: Designed Experiments
    • Lesson 04: Factorial Experiments
  • Section 6: Control Phase
    • Lesson 01: Lean Controls
    • Lesson 02: Statistical Process Control
    • Lesson 03: Six Sigma Control Plans

Learner Outcomes

  • Application of Lean concepts
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Mange team dynamics
  • Work with multiple levels
  • Project prioritization matrix


How the course is taught: 

  • A sequence of scheduled, live online sessions totaling 24 hours with supplemental self-paced lessons that are available on demand
  • 150 hours of applied learning
  • Experiential learning through case studies
  • Four Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Practice Exams
  • Two course end projects
  • IASSCC exam voucher included
  • Video recordings of live instruction sessions and the self-paced course content remain available on demand for 12 months
  • Open enrollment, begin anytime


This Black Belt Six Sigma certification course is suitable for people who are senior managers, team leaders, software professionals, project managers, quality assurance engineers, and management professionals.

There are no prerequisites required in order to sit for the IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Exam. To be successful during the exam, formal Lean Six Sigma training is recommended from a verified Lean Six Sigma trainer or corporate program. It is also recommended that those appearing the exam have some degree of real-world Lean Six Sigma work experience.


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